AETERNUM™ Personalized Pet Photo Projection Necklace/Keychain

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Product Information

• Heart Pendant: 18mm x 13mm

• Material: High Quality Copper & Cubic Zirconia

• Necklace Chain: 16-inch chain with a 2-inch extended chain length

• Photos will be sized to a square

How to Use

There are a few options to view your personalized image:


  1. If you hold the charm up to the light and look through its front
  2. If you hold the charm up to the light and put your phone camera close to the front of it you will see the image on your screen
  3. If you shine a torch (iPhone torch works) through the back of it, the image will project (e.g onto a wall) this works better when the room is darker!



Size Guide

How to find your perfect necklace length:


The perfect necklace length is individual; however, there are a few ways to figure out which length will suit you best. Use the instructions below to find your new favorite necklace length.


  1. Measure your existing necklace
  2. Measure with string

Celebrate every moments with the perfect gift for your loved ones!

Make your gift Extra special

By adding our exclusive gift packaging. Your gifts will be individually placed in our signature box with a gift bag and printed gift message, all for USD$ 6.99.

It includes:
✔An individual jewelry bag
✔100% recyclable gift envelope
✔Printed gift message

*Without gift packaging, multiple items will be grouped in one bag without gift bag or gift note.

Customize Your Picture Projection Necklace

Personalized the moment you love most on projection necklace! Engraved love never fade, and treasured memory will always be with you.

You can freely customize anything you like, including people, pets, scenery and even symbol, and attach text as a souvenir.

Meaningful Accessory & Memorial Gift

This customized projection necklace engraved with your favorite photo will be a perfect accessory for you or a meaningful gift for someone you loved.

We tailor a photo projection necklace for you to cherish or share your good times. It is also an ideal birthday/ anniversary/ Valentine's Day/Christmas memorial gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, mom, dad or friend.

Personalized the moment you love most on projection necklace!


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