AETERNUM™ Personalized Song Plaque

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Product Information

  • Materials: Industry grade acrylic
  • Size:
    • Keychain: 5 x 8 cm 
    • Plaque: 12 x 17 cm 
  • Photos will be sized to a square

**When uploading your picture please make sure it is a high-quality image. 

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  1. What are Song Plaques ?

    These plaques are custom-made acrylic music covers that look like what you see on your favorite music player every time you play a song. It includes the song or album cover of your choice. It can be your favourite song, your theme song, songs that remind you of your friends or songs you like to dedicate to someone. You can also write any message you want instead of an actual song or album. Instead of album cover you can put your personalized photo, it will feel and look like a real album cover.
  2. Do song plaques play the song?

    The Custom PixArts Song Plaque brings your precious memories back to life by using your choice of photo and song. Optionally you can add a QR code of your choice and the song will play the song on your phone or mobile device!

Make your Memories Last ! 

Wether it's your favourite song that brings you back, a special memory you want to cherish, or a custom pice to inspire you everyday, print your SONGS showcases what's most important to you.


Customize Your Picture & Song

Personalized the moment you love most with a song or photo acrylic! Engraved love never fade, and treasured memory will always be with you.

You can freely customize anything you like, including people, pets, scenery and even symbol, and attach text as a souvenir.

Meaningful & Memorial Gift

This customized song/photo arcylic is engraved with your favorite photo will be a perfect and meaningful gift for someone you loved.

We tailor a song/photo arcylic for you to cherish or share your good times. It is also an ideal birthday/ anniversary/ Valentine's Day/Christmas memorial gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, mom, dad or friend.

Make your gift Extra special

By adding our exclusive gift packaging. Your gifts will be individually placed in our signature box with a gift bag and printed gift message, all for USD$ 9.99.

It includes:
✔An individual box
✔100% recyclable gift bag
✔Printed gift message (optional)

*Without gift packaging, multiple items will be grouped in one box without gift bag or gift note.

Personalized the moment you love most on our song plaque!


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